On The Best Route for Vancouver's New East-West Connector

E-W False Creek Flats Overview

Since you’re reading this, you are probably a fan of turning the wasteland of the viaducts into new neighbourhoods, parks and housing. But revitalizing the top of False Creek depends on decisions soon to be made farther east, near Clark Drive. 

The challenge is how to handle the morning and evening rush of cars moving between downtown, East Van and the eastern suburbs. Currently, drivers use Prior Street, lined with modest Strathcona cottages and homes. For years, the neighbourhood has fought to slow and divert that traffic.

The city has agreed to downgrade Prior to a neighbourhood arterial, if a parallel route can be found to the south, through the False Creek Flats industrial area to reach Clark Drive. The city is currently doing a planning process for The Flats, and is seeking public comment, including your views on the three possible routes.

I’ll explain why I believe one route is superior. If you agree, the city needs to hear from you (find links to contact them below).

My preferred option is William Street. The other candidates are Malkin Street and National Avenue. While all have challenges, I’m convinced that Malkin and National have fatal flaws. Let’s deal with them, and then examine William.

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