ReConnect Vancouver Jane's Walk: After the Viaducts


On May 7th and 8th, 2016, ReConnect Vancouver led 45 people on two Jane’s Walk tours of the NEFC planning area. At the end of each walk, we solicited their ideas about what they would like to see in the expanded Creekside Park. We are pleased to share their ideas with you.

Here’s some of what we heard from the participants who joined us:  

Active Recreation and Park Space

  • Fitness-focused areas with intergenerational workout equipment
  • Family-friendly and senior-friendly workout equipment 
  • Water-based play areas for kids
  • Create a new weather-protected skate park 
  • Swimming pool 

Urban Park Elements Incorporating Food, Arts and Culture 

  • Abundant moveable chairs (like Bryant Park in NYC)
  • Board games and chess tables
  • Covered and rain-sheltered park space
  • Bike hub for public bike share, rentals, repairs, etc. (Like at Chicago’s Millennium Park)  
  • Dedicated, permanent food truck zone near entertainment zone
  • Space for outdoor movies and performances
  • Shared studio and public work spaces (eg. maker spaces and outdoor work areas)
  • Field houses for artists 
  • Music/sound-based public art Public amphitheatre
  • Public “jam spaces” that build on history of Hogan’s Alley and Hendrix

"Natural" Park Elements Incorporating Habitat, Education and Rainwater Management 

  • Wild, natural spaces with demonstration/learning opportunities
  • Support for SEFC’s Habitat Island-type areas
  • Incorporate water elements that connect with False Creek  
  • “Less manicured, more natural”; reflect biodiversity and indigenous species
  • “Not a lot of cement”
  • “No acres of just grass”
  • Demonstration gardens and plantings 
  • Lots of passive rainwater collection (building on Carrall Street elements)

"Constructed" Park Elements Incorporating Retained Viaduct Elements and Levels 

  • Flagship park feature. Suggestions included: A maze or labyrinth feature
  • Knolls and that take advantage of views and height 
  • Mini-mountain
  • Viewing platforms
  • Elements that incorporate elevation changes: Climbing walls (on Dunsmuir ramp pillars)
  • Preserve piece of the viaducts as artifacts
  • Make spaces usable under the elevated Dunsmuir ramp



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