What Is ReConnect Vancouver?


In 2015, Vancouver City Council voted to replace the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts. This decision offers a rare opportunity to create new neighbourhoods, parks and roadways, and to reconnect historic communities divided since the 1970s. 

ReConnect Vancouver is an association of Vancouver residents that want to see an inclusive and vibrant new waterfront district once the viaducts come down. We’re participating in the Vancouver Park Board and City of Vancouver planning processes for the redevelopment of this new post-viaduct neighbourhood. 

This is a unique opportunity to create affordable, cooperative, and sustainable housing near the city’s historic centre, as well as market-rate housing. Our city can recognize the displaced, historically black Hogan’s Alley community, and can improve access to Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside. Motor traffic now using the viaducts will be accommodated on new, at-grade streets. Walking, cycling, and public transit will benefit from a restored street network and improvements to the Seawall and parkland. The degraded shoreline of False Creek can be improved.

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